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Keeping your dryer working at all times is very important. You don’t want it to stop working on you, and you definitely don’t want to deal the problems that result from not getting it fixed. If you are stuck and need to get a dryer repair in Moreno Valley CA, we would like to help you out.

We are an established Moreno Valley dryer repair service provider that has provided the Moreno Valley CA area with appliance repair services for many years. Our team of seasoned appliance repair professionals have handled many dryer repair jobs in the past. Whether your dryer is not staying hot, takes multiple loads to complete dry your laundry, or it just isn’t powering up, we are able to help.

We have also dealt with all different makes and models of drying machines. Our team has quick access to dryer parts in Moreno Valley CA from wholesale parts suppliers. This makes it possible for us to stock up on common replacement parts. We can also find dryer parts for even the rarest makes and models, both new and old, and domestic and foreign.

Do you live in proximity of Moreno Valley CA and in need of quick help with your dryer repair? We don’t mess around; wasting your time and money wastes ours too. This is why we try to keep any dryer parts your dryer may need on hand. We realize that it takes a lot of effort to schedule time to be home to meet us. We’re always on time and work around your schedule from the very first call; you have nothing to worry about if you leave it to us to fill your needs for a dryer repair in Moreno Valley CA. Don’t hesitate to give us a try, we’re here to help!

Helpful tip

Electric and gas dryers are built with much of the same idea in mind. The two share many major components. Both have a heating element secured below the tumbler. Both have a drive motor that is responsible for running the tumbler and fan. This fan sends heat to the heating chamber. The major difference is in how the machine is fueled. Gas dryers require natural gas lines to be installed. With the quicker drying times, that extra hassle may be worth it.

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